Dear Polish Club Members:

The board of trustees voted on June 30 to proceed with the purchase of a property across from the Polish Club building at the address of 816 West 1st Street. It is a 6500 square foot lot with two solid, but gutted, buildings. The assessed value is $16,250 for the land and $8,665 for the buildings -making it a total value of $24,915.  This property has become available to us for $15,000.

The board feels that this is a safe investment. Our goal is to establish more parking for our members, as well as, for the patrons who rent our facility. We feel this is a safe investment. And if we decide to never put a parking lot in, we could still resell the property for what we would have put into it, possibly more.

The taxes and insurance amount to about $600 per year. This could be recouped by renting one of the buildings for storage.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Don Norkoski at 360-581-5806.

Best regards,
Polish Club Board of  Trustees
Ed Kulich, Don Norkoski, Lucy (Bielec) Machowek, Phil Hardinger, Phil Kalisch, John Stephens, James Parnell, Randy Karnath & Barbara (Bielec) Page