Since 1608, when the first Polish settlers arrived at Jamestown, VA, Polish people have been an important part of America’s history and culture. In 2015, Polish Americans will mark the 34th Anniversary of the founding of Polish American Heritage month and the 407th Anniversary of the First Polish Settlers who were among the first skilled workers in America.

Polish American Heritage Month is an annual event celebrated in October by Polish American communities. It was first celebrated in 1981 after organization by Michael Blichasz, President of the Polish American Cultural Center in Philadelphia. Originally it was celebrated in August at various gatherings, travel events and culturally-significant locations in Pennsylvania. The Polish American Cultural Center and the Polish American Congress lobbied politicians at the state and national level to make August the month for Polish heritage.

An official Proclamation was made by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 officially recognizing Polish Americans, their accomplishments and importance for the United States.

Polish Americans will also mark the 236th Anniversary of the death of General Casimir Pulaski, Father of the American Cavalry.

Source: Zgoda Vol.144 No.3 July-September 2015